We are always looking for the right people and internships are a great way to get talented, humble, high character people on board. Interns don’t make coffee at Citylight but instead are given ownership to help lead at all levels of our church. Citylight Internships are full time and last two years. After the two years, some interns will be invited to remain on staff, others will be sent out to serve at other local churches and others may discover they want to work outside of the local church.

Develop Competencies

We look to develop interns by giving them real ministry reps and responsibility. You will be teaching, leading, connecting with people, writing and actually doing things that matter.

Develop Theologically

We want to equip you to think rightly and deeply about God. To be a disciple is to be a “learner” and will help develop you through encouraging grad school or Citylight school.

Develop Character

A pastor will oversee your ministry responsibility, to give you feedback and help you take next steps in regards to your personal holiness and humility.

Impact Others

As an intern you will have a chance to make an eternal impact in the lives of others, making and maturing disciples in the church and throughout the city.

Have Fun

We have a culture of celebration, joy and fun. We dance as a staff team to 90’s rap, do push ups together, and spend lots of time telling stories of how God is at work.

Get Paid

Citylight church covers health care expenses, can help with further education, and pays a portion of the intern’s salary, but the intern is required to raise the rest of their salary.

If you are interested in becoming an intern, contact a Citylight Family church and inquire about individual application process and availability.