5 Helpful Steps for Planting a Church

1. Pray

We are committed to being a prayer movement before we are a church planting movement. We pray for laborers, provision, vision, and leading. We don’t want to simply try and execute a good plan. We want to continually hear from the Spirit of God and join in His redemptive work!

2. Launch City Groups

We are committed to raising up church planters and ministry leaders. To do this, we offer real opportunities for future leaders to experience our staff cultures, engage in real ministry responsibilities, and get ongoing coaching, encouragement, and feedback.

3. Develop Leaders

We are committed to launching healthy, disciple-making, mission-oriented City Groups before launching Sunday morning gatherings. The Church is not a place with programs, but a people with a purpose. City Groups are our primary strategy for discipleship and evangelism.

4. Send Our Best

We are committed to sending out new church plants with our most committed, trained, and proven people. We believe in keeping an open-handed posture and supporting anyone from our staff teams, elder boards, and congregations in pursuing God’s call on their lives!

5. Pay it Forward

We are committed to generously supporting church planting and multiplication! Just as God provided for us through financial support from people, churches, and organizations, we want to send out each church plant with the resources they need to run after God’s mission.