Citylight Español is dreaming of planting a bilingual church in Omaha, Nebraska that exists to multiply diverse disciples and churches unified by the gospel in Omaha and internationally. They are celebrating how God is raising up new leaders in both Spanish-speaking City Groups of Citylight Church Omaha. They’re praying for more leaders to be raised up, a gathering location, and for God to move as they move towards planting next fall.

Jacob: “Hey guys, this is Jacob and Alejandro. We’re with Citylight Español and wanted to give you guys an update on what God is doing and just an opportunity to to pray as well. So we have a dream to plant a bilingual, multi-cultural church here in Omaha that exists to multiply diverse disciples and churches who are unified by the gospel of Jesus. And it’s really our prayer that He does that both here in Omaha through us and also through us to the nations. We don’t want to be a church that’s just focused on Omaha, but really is focused on reaching people here and abroad, and so we’re going to have some specific mission partners that really can help us have that vision become a reality. And you know right now some of the things that we have are some worship nights, and we’ve got two City Groups, and Alejandro’s gonna tell us about one of those.

Alejandro: “Yeah. The City Groups are actually amazing, Jacob. God is doing an amazing work through those people. One of the things that I wanna take a quick look at right now and share is how God has been actually producing fruit. We are actually handing the reins to other people that can lead our discussions, lead our Bible studies, actually take ownership of what God is actually doing. This is no longer about you and me leading a community of people, this is God raising up people to actually do it, and that is a very good thing! That is a very good thing, and we’re actually praying for more leaders to be raised up, so we’re trusting God on that.

Jacob: “Yeah, so we would love to have you guys just be a part of what God’s doing. If you want more information, you can email either of us. And also just pray! It’s our prayer that we would launch in the fall of 2020, and so we need more leaders, we need a gathering location, and we need the Lord to do His thing! So please join us in prayer for those things and we’d love to hear from you!”