Elvin Torres, Benson Church Plant Pastor and Willie Johnson, Benson Church Plant Resident have been on staff at Citylight Benson together preparing, serving, and training. The goal is to multiply with a church in South Omaha in 2022. Recently, Elvin shared with the Citylight Family what God is revealing to the team and to him…

“There is fear and anxiety and stress about the idea of planting again and also leaving the Citylight Benson team. My wife said to me that this is the healthiest she has ever seen me in ministry. Twenty years in ministry! The idea of stepping out of that team is something that feels full of anxiety. However, over the last few months, watching God blow open doors and bringing people forward day after day. God keeps showing up. As He’s showing up, yes, He’s multiplying disciples and churches, BUT He’s also doing a work in me and in my family and giving us a deep sense of confidence of who He is and it’s a joy watching God flex. Amen!”
Picture above: Elvin Torres (left) and Willie Johnson (right)

Would you pray for Elvin and Willie as they seek God’s will in South Omaha and for God’s people to step in and onto this core team? For more information- elvin@citylightbenson.org