Citylight South Lincoln launched in March 2020 at the beginning of a pandemic. That first month, the team was uncertain about financial health and was even considering pay cuts. Jump forward to the end of 2020 and South Lincoln was able to give $20K to other church planting and to missions. Ricky Kennedy (far left), Co-Lead Pastor, shared this personal reflection…

“The biggest lesson for me out of that was as a leader my faith was dependent on circumstances and my mood. I found myself trying to convince God into His Kingdom work but He was already at work! God’s writing a far better story than I was. My faith grew stronger because of His faithfulness and goodness.”

Recently, South Lincoln sat down and shared what they are currently celebrating, what they have learned, and prayer and needs.

What we are celebrating:
> A church body that is family and treats one another like family. We truly love one another and serve one another in many tangible ways: meals to families in need, a car for a member, fixing a fence for a mom, etc.
> A majority of our church body are in City Groups. 
> A Student Ministry that’s growing and have high owners. For example the Middle School girls group continued meeting this summer even when they didn’t have to.
> A partnership with a preschool that is serving, loving, and sharing about Jesus to the families.
> South Lincoln member stories being shared on YouTube. We want to share what Jesus is doing and then equip others to share their Jesus story. Watch them here-… 

What we have learned:
> To consider staff dynamics in the beginning because a healthy team is essential. We are family here at South Lincoln that share life but also runs after ministry together. Treating and respecting one another as brothers and sisters. 
> Don’t build a ministry around you. 
> God is moving and shaping His Church and you move toward it…at the same time, you shepherd people in their current position, not where you want them to be.
> Don’t just go and plant to ‘switch’ but to actually do ministry.
> Practice every day practical humility in your leadership. For instance, Ricky and Alex do most of the preaching but have invited and shared that with other men.

What our needs and prayer requests are currently:
>To stay focused on running at the lost by being more consistent and thoughtful with our ‘out’ events. 
> We need a Church Plant Resident and eventually Administration help.
> Prayer for God to continue providing.
> Prayer for our Student Ministry as they launch huddles at schools this next school year. 
> To continue seeking people rather activities.
> To encourage and seek more authentic and transparent, sharing and confessing relationships within our Church and towards others.