Psalm 78:4  
We will not hide them from their children,
But tell to the coming generation
the glorious deeds of the LORD, and his might,
and the wonders that he has done.

God has always had a heart for one generation to declare the Good News and the good works of God to the next generation.

We have seen the work of the Gospel and the goodness of God and that His promises are true and it is our view to share this with the next generation. We want to declare that Jesus is alive and that He is building His Church to not just to our generation, but to the next generation. We want the next generation to enjoy Jesus and to be a part of His mission and to extend His glory to the ends of earth. We want the next generation to know that God is good and that He has a place at the table for them, that He can forgive their sins, and do a new work in their lives.

Many churches don’t run after the next generation but we want to be a church that does run after the next generation because we believe it is biblical. One way we do this as a church is through college ministry. Throughout the Citylight Family, you will find college teams thriving and serving their local college campus. One college ministry Citylight partners with is the Salt Company.

What happened at the Salt Conference?

This year, 3,500 college students from 20 different churches gathered in Iowa for the annual Salt Conference. The heart of the Salt Conference is to see local churches planted in communities next to college campuses so that life change can happen there by investing into the next generation.

Churches within the Salt network gathered and brought with them their college kids to worship the Lord together. A goal for the conference was to give these students a picture of being a part of something bigger than just one local church with a few college students. Instead, to walk away with an understanding that they are a part of a movement and of a generation that worships the Lord.

Within the Citylight Family, the Omaha Salt Co. brought 150 students, Lincoln brought 200 students, and FOCO brought 28 students and drove 10 hours!

We are celebrating several things and the first is that God ministered to our students. They heard messages on guilt and shame, finding their identity in Christ and not in what they do or don’t do, or what they have and don’t have but who has them and loves them, and God continues to pursue them. There was intentional equipping time throughout the conference for unique seasons of life such as: relationships, forgiveness, how to walk with people who are suffering, etc.

We also celebrate students getting a picture of church planting. They got a glimpse of how college students can become the people who move to new locations and plant new churches. Students were introduced to the churches being planted in 2023 including two Citylight churches located in Orlando, FL and Greeley, CO. Two ideas were revealed to the college-aged audience about church planting in a real and personal way. The first idea was you can actually go by either transferring colleges and taking classes in a new city to help engage on a new campus for Christ and the second was you can graduate from college and move to a new place and plug into a new local church.

One student shared about their experience at this year’s Salt Conference saying “I’m excited to grow alongside you all and see God using us for a mission to see everyone in His kingdom.”

Another said: “It was an incredible, unforgettable trip. JESUS IS KING.”

God is doing all kinds of crazy good work in and through His Church and also with the next generation. He is faithful to multiply disciples and allows us to tell the good work of God from one generation to the next.

Want to run after the next generation? Consider applying for one of our Intern and Resident Programs. Contact a Citylight Church near you to learn more.