Wahoo & Greenwood

The vision of our church Family is to plant churches in key cities so that those church plants are the catalysts for the multiplication of hundreds of new churches and tens of thousands of new disciples over the coming years. Citylight Lincoln Church (Lincoln) was planted in 2016 with a prayer to see Lincoln deeply impacted by the Gospel and moved to go make disciples from our neighborhoods to the nations. Citylight North Lincoln Church (North) was planted a few years ago by several people from Lincoln who saw a need for the Gospel in a neighborhood further north of Lincoln. This year, with a calling and an invitation, North is praying for God’s Church to go into Wahoo and Greenwood, two rural towns north of Lincoln.


Citylight North Lincoln planted with a desire and burden to see a new Gospel movement happen in the rural communities surrounding Lincoln. After being a new church plant for a few years, several of their members moved to Wahoo, NE. Wahoo is a small community just north of Lincoln. Soon after moving, these two families made connections with several other families in Wahoo that also attend a Citylight church. After connecting, these families launched a City Group in their small town. Since then they have had the joy of seeing a lost neighbor come to faith and get baptized. They have begun to ask the question, “what if Jesus wants to use us to start a new gospel movement here in Wahoo?” Now, every month people from this City Group gather with one of the pastors from Citylight North to pray and ask Jesus to save the lost in their city and raise up the next generation of believers to be ambassadors for the Gospel in their city.   

Nate Morgan (L), co lead pastor at Citylight North Lincoln, and several of the residents from Wahoo who are praying for their city.


Two months ago a gentleman from Greenwood knocked on North’s front door with a plea: “Would you come plant a church in our town?” Little did this gentleman know that North had been praying for YEARS asking God to use their church to reach rural communities across Nebraska with the gospel. On August 13th, 35 people met in an old vacant church building in Greenwood and asked Jesus to bring heaven on earth to Greenwood. The presence of God’s Spirit was palpable in the room. 

Church Family…would you pray for the people of Wahoo and Greenwood, for His people who are there serving these communities, and for God’s Word to be declared and glorified in these neighborhoods?

For more information on these opportunities, please email nate@citylightnorthlincoln.org